Marwa Blues

06 Marwa Blues 3:40


Autor: George Harrison

Grabación: Original fecha desconocida,

Terminada por Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison en 2002

Estudio: Friar Park Studios, Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK

(George Harrison’s home studio)

Productores: George H., Jeff Lynne y Dhani Harrison

Ingeniero: John Etchells, Ryan Ulyate & Marc Mann


George Harrison: slide guitar, keyboards, finger cymbals

Jeff Lynne: acoustic guitar, keyboards

Ray Cooper: percussion

Dhani Harrison: acoustic guitar

Marc Mann: string conductor



“Dhani Harrison: ‘Marwa is, uh, uh… It’s just a name of a raga in an Indian raga.

Say you if you have… you could have…

you could have a raga in the key of Dhani if you wanted to.

Y’know, you could have a raga in a key of sa, um, or rag something or rag charakeshi.

Um, it’s just rag marwa was a, a raga that, uh, is an ancient Indian raga and, um…

On some level that I’m not sure if I even understand this Marwa Blues

contains the same notes in the chord that can pose, uh raga marwa.’

[Dhani Harrison says,]

“I mean, the saddest [the Brainwashed album] gets for me is listening to Marwa Blue.

And that’s a real beautiful song, but it’s also like a real lament.

It’s a man who wants to be somewhere else, or searching for something else.

And it’s got no lyrics!”



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