Big Mama


  Big Mama l J.Lennon / J. Clayton / C. Morales



Abril  1985  [SP 03] USA


Say You’re Wrong

Julian Lennon   



Big Mama

Julian Lennon   


Ouh, Ouh

She’s a pretty big woman

She’s out to get your hide

She’s the kind of woman

That you wouldn’t wanna sit beside


If you don’t do your job now

She’ll be right on your trail

But if you’re one of big mama’s

You know it’s not wise to fail


Big Mama’s gonna find you

You know she’s big and strong

Big Mama’s gonna get you

But only if you’re wrong


You’re a naughty girl now

You haven’t been as good as you should

You’ve been messing around with Big Mama

And now she’s gonna taste your blood


You’ve been hanging around with the bad boys

Playing on the wrong side of town

You’ve been up, down, in, out

And Big Mama knows that you’re the clown


Big Mama’s gonna find you

She’s got you by the throat

Big Mama’s gonna kill you

and there’s no anecdote


So you’re dead and buried

What’s it like under the dirt?

If you’d only realize

it’s just white work being the flirt


There’s no one you can blame

For what’s been done to you

And if you feel ashamed now

There’s only one thing that you can do


Go and see Big Mama

Tell her what it’s all about

Plead with Big Mama

Better hope that she don’t shout


Mother’s gonna come and get you

Mother’s gonna get you now

Mother’s gonna come and get you

Gonna come get you now


Crawl back to mama

On your hands and knees

You know that mama don’t forget

that she’s so hard to please


Big Mama didn’t like you,

so walk away and cry

The moral of this story is,

once bitten twice shy




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